Flavio Merlo – His Body Was A Playground

Vernissage: Vendredi 28 février, 18h
Du 28 février au 20 mars 2014
Opening, Friday 28th February, 6pm
February 28 – March 20 2014







a body shape, a landscape covered in artificially constructed protection measures.
they don’t protect, they control.
what lies underneath is to remain hidden, always. the new body, the new flesh.
pierce it, stab it, cut it. rip it open until you touch the blood soaked material that’s essentially you. show what you’re made of, weaken yourself as a means of empowerment.
short is the pain, long is the ornament.
on the threshold of the object and the subject, the other is now materializing itself as you (their skin as your skin, their heart as your heart).
I become you and you become me and we become everything else.
a disavowal of the public will, a recognition of your own.
short is the pain, long is the ornament.

Flavio Merlo (1990) lives and works in Zürich.