Samuel Jeffery, Lawrence Leaman, Jacques Rogers – Big Net

Vernissage vendredi 27 juin, 18h
Exposition du 28 juin au 1er août 2013
Opening Friday, June the 27th, 6pm
Exhibition from June the 28th of to August the 1st 2013







An exhibition of new works by three British artists.

Samuel Jeffery’s recent practice involves making utilitarian looking sculptures. These shallow, tray shaped objects are fashioned by cutting, heat bending and gluing acrylic sheet. Each is divided into six sections to form a basic grid structure. Some corners are filled in; smoothed by a finger. The acrylic surface has then been painted with a grey undercoat, as if waiting a further course of action. Within this primed surface, leaves have been placed, although it is unclear whether they are frugal decoration, a minimal tableau effect, or simply a moment of personalisation.

Jacques Rogers’ current work includes large format rubbings and mono-prints on paper. Abstract, black and white images are made through a process of printing and re-printing from a single large plate. Traces of previous prints are carried over as composition becomes increasingly undefined. For the rubbings, paper is laid out on the ground and rubbed with a graphite stick, covering the surface of the paper and picking out details: an analogue scan of the environment. The rubbings, displayed on the wall, include various features such as carpet, paving, road markings, drains, stones and rubbish etc.

Lawrence Leaman has been making a range of hand rendered pictures which involve the reproduction of an image. In one series, charcoal drawings of jackets take on the appearance of flatfish. In another, collages of sliced-up photographs roughly glued back together re-enact the linear image reproduction of a printer head or scanner lens. Leaman has been collecting gifs, as transparent images (rather than animations), of engravings and woodcuts. These images appear to float on home office applications. Supplanted in TextEdit they hover next to his notes and to-do lists, making formatting clunky, before they are printed on to glossy photographic paper. Leaman is also making carbon paper ghost-images of an as yet unprinted publication. These images build up within the carbon surface of the copy paper as draft pages of the publication are rendered over one another.

Samuel Jeffery (1987) lives and works in Berlin. Jacques Rogers (1987) and Lawrence Leaman (1984) live and work in London.
Jeffery and Rogers frequently work together collaboratively. Rogers and Leaman run Piper Keys, an artist led gallery in Whitechapel, London.