Marie Karlberg – Sur la table pubique

Vernissage 5 novembre 2016 – 19h,
Opening 5 November 2016 – 7pm















This exhibit consists of “drinking after dinner” tableau. this one has its obvious flaws. The bottles are made in plaster but have remnants of the original bottles: you see glass splatters on the bottle and many of the necks, collars and even heels of the original bottles remain. most are wine, especially red, but there’s also a gin and martini to demonstrate that it had once been a civilized dinner in which guests just drank wine with their food but this moment is long gone, that *ahem* the table has turned; the dishes have been piled into a sink off-stage as the remaining party has shifted course to clearing out whatever remains in the liquor cabinet and how many cigarettes remain. the cups are molds of plastic cups, so perhaps this wasn’t such a fancy dinner after all! on top of each cup theres a logo that says “MK” which is the artist initials, though in this case it looks like a micheal kors logo. there’s packs of cigarettes and splayed open cigarettes which for me is a very European thing!

After living out of a suitcase for the last 6 weeks to do various shows and other work in europe, i’ve felt more or less forced to go out every night which is an open invitation to join in on scenes like the one I’ve constructed. After experiencing the joy and misery, excitement and dread of this night after night, it somehow became what made me make this table.

Accompanying the table are a pair of dick chairs. these dicks are sad indeed. but they’re also seen as tools, sometimes entering an art dinner, i feel like getting stabbed by the fact that i’m not a male artist, one very particular thing is to be announced as a “girlfriend” of a artist. these chairs can be seen as a sort of revenge, yes they still look like a weapon from far, but when you look closely in fact these are small, monstrous, deformed dicks. they’re also fragile, if you sit on the chair, they will get destroyed!

-Marie Karlberg

Bonny Poon – NO RISK NO FUN

September 15 – October 13 2016




For the duration of the exhibition, all doors (front and bathroom) were removed.


Beautiful Balance, 1h 07min, 2016. A cast of five to ten zombies interpret an erotic encounter between two foreigners living in Germany’s financial center.



Max Brand – Abschied

Max Brand – Abschied

Vernissage 14 octobre 2015 – 19h,
exposition ouverte jusqu’au 14 novembre.

Opening 14th of October 2015 – 7pm,
on view until November 14th.